Many of our guests spend a good part of a day in travel to Anguilla and are exhausted by the time they reach our villa. Relaxing at the villa the first evening has great appeal and as such we offer at no charge a welcome dinner prepared by our housekeeper Rita Smith. Her cooking is local and quite good as evidenced by our guest reviews.
Please select for your group an appetizer, entrée and 2 vegetables from the following menu. Bon Appetit!
Fish Cakes
Pumpkin Soup
Conch Chowder
Green Salad
Sautéed or Breaded Snapper
Curried Goat
Grilled or Breaded Chicken
Grilled Tuna or Mahi-Mahi (if available)
Rice and Peas
Scalloped Potatoes
Papaya and Carrots
Lettuce and Tomato