SandCastle Pointe was built with both entertainment and comfort in mind using the most current technology to allow you a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
The villa features a state-of-the-art water system (Technopure) that purifies water for drinking. This water quality meets or exceeds current bottled water quality. This means all water is filtered and pure to drink. The hot water system is controlled by a re-circulator which keeps hot water running through the pipes at all times. No more need to turn on the water and wait for it to get hot.
Along with TV and DVD equipment, a fully integrated music system is available at SandCastle Pointe. The entire main floor has in wall or in ceiling speakers, and external speakers connected to a main system that allows IPods(including Video), CD player, and a Sonus music system. The Sonus system uses Rhapsody, an internet music service, in which you can select from over 3 million songs of any genre- all available at the touch of a button. This system is also in each bedroom so that different music can be simultaneously played in all five locations.